About me

My name is Terése Björk, I´m a 33 year old artist from Malmö, Sweden. My artistic journey started when I, in my twenties fell ill in an unusual autoimmune disease. At times I was unable to even hold a glass of water. After years of suffering I suddenly felt a desire to paint. When I started, I felt a sparkle in my heart, and from that came the process of heeling. Creating art helped me heal from the inside and out, it showed me how important it is to have faith and never give up on yourself.

I use mixed mediums such as acrylic paint, alcohol ink, and whatever tools I can find, such as sponges, paper rolls, knifes and my hands. The purpose of my paintings is to give people a glimpse in a life with the healing power of colors.

Welcome to my world!

My first artwork

This is the first painting I ever made,  of course I loved drawing as a child and have been for my whole life but this painting was the start of something new. It was in the spring of 2012, I had moved home to my parents during my illness, because I colud not take care of myself. My mum bought some canvas and acrylic colors and one day I started to paint. I remember I struggled with the pencil because of the pain in my hands but I just kept on going. When I was done I looked at it and could see the sickness and the healthy part of me, the part that was coming back to life. It became a self portrait without me even knowing it as I created it. Up in the left corner was a green spot that looked like a face with wings, so I filled in the contour and painted the wings white and voila there was a little guy looking like an guardian angel above my head. It was kind of touching to see to be honest. This artwork is not the best but it means a lot to me and represent me fighting the deasese and the journey I´ve done.